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How To find Keywords for Content Marketing

Pen in the hand isolated over white background Content Marketing

Content marketing is about connecting with your audience through  using a  story, informational,  educational, and being entertaining your audience  while still focusing on a final goal for both your audience and your content. Content marketing can widely refer to as an art, planning, strategy, analysis & monitoring. For us to understand the concept of content marketing and finding better keywords, ... Read More »

How to Make Money wuth Disqus Comment System & Benefits

Make Money With Disqus Comment System

If you’ve launched an online income platform, one of the best things that will make you earn and remained the same is no other than the Disqus – a commenting system online that has a number of benefits for your business. However, what really is this Disqus we’re talking about? A Disqus is an online commenting system that is normally ... Read More »

How to Transfer a Domain from One Host to Another

How to Transfer a Domain

For various reasons, people sometimes want to transfer their domain from one host to another. Seems like a good idea until they get ready to do that and then it seems overwhelming. I hope to help sort this out for you and make it seem that it can easily be done. Transferring your domain from one host to another may seem ... Read More »

8 Easy Steps for Better Domain Name Security

Internet Security

Securing your domain name is very important. Domain hijacking is usually a security risk many organizations overlook in forming security policy. Now a days having a secure domain name has become absolutely crucial. Since the rise of internet activity from the year 2000 up till now, the value of having a good domain name has grown exponentially. Similar to anything ... Read More »

WP Income Formula and its Various Benefits

WP Income Formula

What is WP Income Formula? WP Income Formula is a package containing High Definition Video Training Courses that lends you and your clients a handy experience as to how they can drive increased traffic, leads, sales & clients utilizing WordPress features in the smallest time span possible. A step-by-step process, this 29-step package consists of video tutorials that are not ... Read More »

Best Responsive WordPress Themes & Plugins by MyThemeShop

Best Responsive WordPress Themes

Choosing a theme for your website is a really important choice, as it not only determines the outlook of your website but also has an impact on other factors such as SEO and traffic on your website. Themes help your website become more interactive and enable you to reap greater profits. The main advantage of the WordPress theme is that ... Read More »

Best Spam free Plugins for your WordPress Blog

Spam shield

The main problem with a WordPress blogging or website is the issue of spamming. In case you don’t know what spamming is, it an electronic junk, unsolicited mail or a means of loading the internet with series of repeated messages. It is highly frustrating and nasty most time to the point that it doesn’t allow real user comments to be ... Read More »

How to recover from Google Panda Effect or Penalty

recover from Google Panda Effect or Penalty

Small businesses all over the world know the importance of having a positive google ranking. The closer your website appears to the top of the list, the more likely you are to get customers and the business that is so necessary for a successful company. However, when websites have a poor google ranking (appearing far behind in search results) this ... Read More »

How to Use WhatsApp Online on a Computer or Laptop

Use WhatsApp Online on a Computer or Laptop

Do you remember how drab and boring mobile phones were? Huge monstrosities and extremely heavy- but we loved them regardless. Today, our phones are sleek and light as air and can double as clocks, radios, televisions, cameras, notebooks, alarms, and everything except toilet paper. Our mobile phones allow us to talk and chat with people around the world with various ... Read More »

How To Backup Your WP site on Your Hosting Server Easily

Backup Your WordPress site

When you heard someone say “I lost all my data”, the first thing that would come to your mind is “Dude, there is a thing called backup?”. Well yes, with each day being proven as a milestone in information technology, people are now provided with the easiest handy ways to back up their data, be it their personal or a ... Read More »

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