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How To find Keywords for Content Marketing

Content marketing is about connecting with your audience through  using a  story, informational,  educational, and being entertaining your audience  while still focusing on a final goal for both your audience and your content.

Content marketing can widely refer to as an art, planning, strategy, analysis & monitoring.

For us to understand the concept of content marketing and finding better keywords, we must first  ask and answer 3 basic questions to guide us in our content marketing keyword search.

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You must know where you are going before you start,  else you will get lost.

  1. What are your goals for this content?
  2. What are the objectives of your visitor?
  3. Where can you focus your efforts to achieve this?

Some content marketers try to play smart with the selection of keywords for natural and organic search engines. They  try to hide from the research and the analysis itself, or just take wild shots whether a keyword is worth pursuing in the first place.

If you constantly create Internet content without thinking through the optimization of search engines (SEO) and keywords you rank for something (the content resonates with algorithms of search engines). Yet, you still run the risk of shortchanging your SEO strategy – and the ability of your business to take its fair share of relevant traffic from search engines – for branding, conversion and more.

Here  are some helpful ways to find the best keyword for your content marketing

  • Use of keyword research resources.

It is not uncommon to run right to Google for ideas (if your AdWords account provides more in-depth data that some free tools like world tracker may provide additional guidance.  You may want to search the words that people often use on social media or try to  checked the index at the end of a book of ideas.

A keyword research using SEM Within minutes, had an Excel spreadsheet filled with  over 20,000 keyword ideas from a Marga 100 companies despite some high rankings, the company clearly has a lot of possibilities for better ranking.

Even if you find keywords in the data that is available, you still need to know if people are really looking for them. Your list might look appropriate, but research which has the matter. Yes, sometimes you have to target a keyword with 1000 monthly searches. Very often, you may want something less competitive. I do not reject the keyword phrases with 50 searches per month, but I also do not jump for those with 20,000 searches. If I’m not going that high, it’s because the keyword is relevant and the site has a lot going for it, especially in terms of inbound links.

Other Considerations are

  • Choose some few keywords first to begin your research
  • You need to determine the competition score and the popularity of each of your keyword(s)
  • Discover & research other related keywords
  • You have to check recent trending data on your preferred keywords and also check to know if it is  trending up or down over time.
  • Take a deep breath, look at your final research results, and choose the keywords you want to target for your website(s)

If you really want to succeed in keyword(s) research, to increase your client base you have to  go through the steps of proper keyword research process for your particular topic or the topic you wish to discuss about. Whether your content is about e-commerce, real estate, weight loose or  hygiene, this keyword research process can work for you, with just a little work, patience, and skill.

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