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How I Started Making Money with Udemy Courses

Imagine yourself teaching a quarter million users on a single online learning platform. Many people are doing that through blogs or web hosting services. However, with Udemy, anyone can teach and learn online using their fast and easy online courses.

Started Making Money with Udemy Courses

If this is the very first time that you will make an Udemy course, you might feel like it is a complete gamble, especially if you don’t know anyone who has become successful with it. But, with just some research and dedicated work and effort on your part, you can look forward to making money with Udemy courses and generating a constant flow of income.

What is Udemy?

Udemy, a California-based company has created a technological platform that allows novice instructors to plan, design, and produce tutorials on almost any subject. With the mission to “help anybody learn anything,” the Udemy platform can be used by a subject expert from anywhere in the world.

Currently, Udemy offers 20,000 video instructions courses in various categories and more than 10,000 instructors globally. A thousand new courses are added to the platform each month with the student base growing rapidly – currently four million. Most courses offered on Udemy are free with the majority priced at less than $200. However, some courses, especially those that provide a certificate of completion, are priced all the way up to $999.

Udemy does not require any specialized training or credentials to create and sell a course. The creators of the course are solely responsible for publishing and marketing their relevant course.

Making Money with Udemy Courses

Benefits of a Udemy Course:

Some benefits for students to learn through the Udemy platform include:

  • Wide range, of course, offerings
  • No prequalification necessary to enroll in a course
  • Courses can be viewed on any internet-enabled device
  • Immediate access to courses after enrollment
  • Free or low-cost tuition fees
  • Self-paced learning
  • Certificate of completion awarded with many courses offered on Udemy

As an instructor on Udemy, I also gained many advantages that include:

  • Pricing for each course created and controlled by the instructor himself
  • Courses are created easily with help from Udemy
  • Brand building and tie-ins

Udemy offers its instructors and course creator’s revenue sharing of tuition fees. The instructors can expect to get profit from any one of the following:

  • Instructor promotion where the course creators receive 100 % revenue from sales of the instructor coupon purchased by a new Udemy student.
  • Udemy Organic, where the instructor receives 50 % revenue share on recruiting new student and where no instructor coupon is used.

Udemy is a redefined way of learning and teaching on a platform readily available all over the world. Udemy is a strong option for those wishing to pursue online education. The teachers available on the platform cover a number of subjects and with various teaching styles – the students can the required knowledge and rise to the top.

Choose a Niche

Just like with other kinds of online venture, it is important that you first choose a specific niche that you are familiar and comfortable with. Picking a niche that you are really interested in can give you a guarantee that you will have the willingness to do more research on the subject to share with more people. It might also be best when you have a personal experience regarding the topic that you selected.

Create the Course

What is awesome about Udemy is that this is very easy to get started with and is also seamless to use. All you need to do is just go to their official website at then sign up as an instructor. And just like that, you can already start creating an online before uploading videos. It is best not to use numbers for naming the sections as you will end up moving these around quite a bit. You might want to just title them with their corresponding subject as it will be easier to drag and drop them.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make with your first course is to start with every video with an introduction that could have been nice if people are watching one or two videos every day, did their homework then came back the following day for the next video. However, you will learn later on that 99% of the students in Udemy just watch all the videos in a single day as they are searching for the golden nuggets of information instead of wanting to learn the basics. When you create your course, simple assume that every video is being watched two seconds following the last one and avoid adding an introduction or recapping the basics.

Film the Course

It would be good to just go basic when filming the course. A webcam and a whitewall as background will do. The most essential aspect of having a good quality course is the audio so make sure that you give extra attention to this. As for the video, you can stick with the built in webcam provided that it is high definition. But, if you like a better quality or if your laptop is an older version, you can order a special 1080p webcam instead.

Promote Your Course

Probably the hardest part of having a successful Udemy course is how it is promoted. Udemy is a wonderful platform as they have their very own built in user base and they are also going to advertise in your behalf, provided that your course is doing pretty well. A good suggestion is to start promoting yourself during your first launch in order to attract your first 50 to 100 students and acquire some reviews. The best thing is that the moment you start to send your own traffic to your course, Udemy is also going to do the same and help in promoting you at the same time.

If you haven’t tried Udemy – either as a student or an instructor do it now! Just log on to to get started

Making money with Udemy courses is easy so long as you know the right way of getting started.

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