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How to Get Massive Traffic From Reddit to Your Sites

One of the most popular and best social bookmarking sites is Reddit. An effective use will bring thousands of visitors to your blog which will invariably increase your online earnings.  The most motivating part of Reddit is that it is different from the majority of other sites firmly controlled by a team of editors or moderators; Redditis controlled by its users. It is the optimum example of permission marketing that is working on a large scale. Besides being an amazing and helpful community, it is a platform that can generate tons of traffic to your website and give your brand huge followers and exposure. Many people believe all they need to do is sign up there and submit link and start getting huge traffic, that might not be it, you must first learn how to use Reddit to get massive traffic to your site.


There are few significant things you need to understand before you can start getting that number of traffic you really desire. One of the things is up-votes and down-votes which is located at the left hand side of a submitted link. It is represented with up and down arrow. This system is for voting as someone may either like or dislike your link by choosing up-vote or down-vote respectively. Karma is a point which you either get or loose when you get an up-vote or down-vote respectively for your submitted link. Karma below a level will lead to an account being banned which may happen if you submit only your blog posts. Sub-redditsis talking about a category to submit your link. Reddit have category for nearly everything for example science, news, health, iPhone, technology, chrome etc. Stealth ban is anexceptional way to ban spammers as spammers may be banned silently. This means the user can do all works routinely, but the link will not be visible publicly as only you can see it.

Highlighted below are some of the key things you can do to get massive traffic from Redditto your site:

Create an Account in Reddit

There is need for you to create an account in order to use Reddit. The first thing therefore is to sign up to Reddit and create an account.

Share Contents from Other Websites

Let me tell you the truth, there is need for you to forget your own blog right now and share contents from other websites. This helps in getting up-votes increasingly which invariably help in building karma otherwise your account may be banned. Start submitting your own links when you have Karma of around 160. Make sure you are still submitting links from other website even after you start submitting your own links as one of the Reddit rule is to submit post from other sites.

Avoid Spamming by Reading the Rules of Sub-reddits

It is very pertinent to read the rules of sub-reddits. Many users, without knowing about the rules of sub-reddit, submit their links. Reddit is extremely concern about spamming. Spam is automatically filtered out with the use of spam filter. This can be prevented when you read the rules of sub-reddits carefully. Please note that sub-reddits have different rules.

Make Front Page of Reddit by Getting More Up-votes

Up-votes give massive traffic. Getting your link on the front page of Redditis the number one goal. Try to submit newer stories because Reddit rank newer stories higher than older stories. Just make sure you do not get down-votes by submitting interesting contents, giving an interesting title to your link, submitting your link to anappropriate sub-reddit, submitting your link in appropriate time and letting people know that you are active.

Be Frequent in Link Submission

Another very important thing is to submit link regularly. Please note that it may be risky to summit many links per day, do not be over ambitious, a link is enough for a day.

Be Persistent

Good result will not just happen, it will take time. Do not be frustrated, keep trying and definitely, you will be rewarded positively in due time.

Watch What Other Users are Doing

This will not give you traffic or up-votes, but it is very helpful. All you have to do is to follow other users especially those users that have links on front page. Understand their success and find out the difference between their titles and yours.

You can drive massive traffic to your site by using Reddit appropriate.

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