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How to Increase the Organic Traffic without Backlinks

It is important to know that working on SEO strategies is a very difficult task and may sometimes present a number of challenges which can lead to frustrations. If you want to increase the organic traffic and make your website more visible in search engine, one thing to keep in mind is that, there are millions of websites across the internet and it will take you extra efforts to have your the website seen in search engine tools. Moreover, the rate at which technology is improvement in the contemporary world is out of this planet, web owners now have a number of strategies in SEO backlinks to make their websites achieve high ranking in search engine. However, there are a number of ways you can adopt to increase organic traffic without backlinks; and it may also interest you to know that these ways are genuine and are tested and trusted.

Increase the Organic Traffic

5 Best ways to Increase the Organic Traffic without Backlinks

List of the 5 best ways increase traffic on your site or blog. Read through below, to pick up tips on how to increase traffic flow to your website without the use of backlinks.

 1. Update Regularly

It is important to understand, updating your website regularly increases your chances of rank in keywords, because the more pages are created the more keywords associated with your website are found in search engine. Moreover, writing on different topics will also increases the chances of acquiring links, and you know what that means? Other bloggers will definitely see your work and may refer it to other users.

 2. Share Your Content On Google Plus.

Studies have shown, driving organic traffic to your website can be done perfectly-well without any hassle when you share your content on Google plus. It is important to share your quality contents on Google + so that your circles can see and know about it. This will make greater chances of appearing on organic search result content in many social media.

 3. Target Low competitive Geo-Targeted Keywords

In aiming for organic traffic without backlinks, targeting keywords mostly searched in your geographical location is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your site. It may interest you to know that Google keyword planner is a great place to find particular low-competitive geo-targeted keywords mostly search by users in your geographical location. You can utilize that opportunities, because there are thousands of locally-searched keywords that can make your website hit an unprecedented traffic within a twinkle of an eye.

 4. Improve Your Page Speed.

Several studies reveal that page speed definitely have impact great on ranking in search engine. It is good to know that if your web users will have to wait for 10 – 20 seconds long for a page to load – be it on Smartphone or on their computers, chances are you may lose them to other competitors. However, to increase the organic without backlinks you need to optimize your page load and speed it up to be user-friendly for both computers and phones, because page speed has now become one of the criteria for ranking on Google.

 5. Grab users’ attention by your article headline

It is important to know that a good article headline is an attention grabber and will guarantees a higher click-through rate from various search engines to your website. Achieving your aim for getting organic traffic without backlinks can be done without hassles when you have eye-catching headlines that will grab users’ attention. In this case, the SEO keywords you use will definitely play a good role here.

 Final Tips

  • Write in-depth articles and give all you can deliver on a topic.
  • Never copy content directly from other websites, Google will detect that and will affect your ranking.
  • Target one-topic focus keyword; in other word, your post should focus on a single topic. This will help to increase the organic traffic to your website.
  • Conduct a proper keyword search and see what is mostly searched on the internet, so that you can make use of these keywords to drive traffic to your websites.
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