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How to Make Money Online with Adfly URL / Link Shortener? or commonly known as Adfly is a service that lets you shorten your links and make money at the same time.

Uniform Resource Location or URL is often needed to shorten. There are many reasons for this. Certain websites or social communication platforms require URL shortening because you cannot exceed a specific limit of words or characters. Twitter is a great example of this. However, Twitter itself shortens the link that has been shared in a tweet.

Make Money with Adfly

The question is how can you actually make money using this simple URL shortening process? For that answer, we first need to know what Adfly is.

An Introduction to Adfly

The process is simple if seen at a glance. You enter a website link and Adfly will provide you with an alternative link that is actually shortened in character length. For example, let us say that you input ‘’. Adfly will return the link to you as

You can share this shortened link anywhere on the internet. The trick is that whenever someone clicks on this link, they won’t be directly taken to Google. In fact, the user will have to view an advertisement for some seconds before they are directed to Google.

Adfly in Detail

Now that we have learnt the basic function of Adfly, the question remains that how the money aspect fits in?

Adfly can be used by people who want to promote their service or product. Suppose a person pays five dollars to Adfly for thousand views of his promotion. Adfly will keep two dollars and the rest of the three dollars will be paid to the publisher through whose link the viewer was directed to the promotion.

Since the online stuff always makes people cautious about scams and security, it is acceptable if some won’t believe the way Adfly works. However, Adfly is not a scam and your security will not be compromised. The website was launched in 2009 and has been going strong enough to be ranked among the top hundred websites of the world. Adfly has about two million registered users. Moreover, Adfly provides transaction details that prove its legitimacy.

Benefits of Using Adfly

Adfly provides a simple to use interface. It is easy to sign up on the website. You can earn a minimum of five dollar pay-out. You can also use the option of daily payments. Adfly is also generous enough to pay you if you refer them to others.

On the other hand, like everything else in the world, Adfly does have its drawbacks. The most obvious drawback is that many visitors will become annoyed by your personal content. It is quite frustrating if users have to go through even several seconds of advertisements. You might lose visitors this way. Furthermore, Adfly does not have a consistent payout policy for all countries. They offer a low payment rate in many countries.

If you want to make online money quickly and without much effort, then you must give Adfly a try.

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