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How to Make Money wuth Disqus Comment System & Benefits

If you’ve launched an online income platform, one of the best things that will make you earn and remained the same is no other than the Disqus – a commenting system online that has a number of benefits for your business. However, what really is this Disqus we’re talking about? A Disqus is an online commenting system that is normally added to websites in order to allow users to leave a comment on a post. The use of Disqus has been widely acceptable and studies have shown that more than 2.5 million web owners world wide use this system to their advantage. It’s important to know that, as it is now, Disqus stands the most popular and widely used commenting system on the internet and has gained positive reputations for a variety of benefits it presents. In this article, we’re going to look at how one can use the Disqus commenting system and make money.

Make Money With Disqus Comment System

Making Money With Disqus Comment System

Find out below, how you can utilize the opportunity to use Disqus and make money online without any hassle.

Activate Disqus Discovery

If you use a Disqus commenting system, there is no way you won’t know about the discovery box. However, if you still don’t know about it, find out the meaning of a Disqus discovery here. A Disqus box is where the money is involve, it helps people to find new and appealing discussions or stories within a Disqus circle. Publishers that are gaining lots of traffic and increase in both internal and external recirculation of referral traffic must have been using the Disqus discovery box. Nonetheless, discovery box also helps publishers to increase advertising revenues.

So, why is the idea of making money with Disqus through the Disqus discovery box so important? Here is why. The more your referral traffic are maximize the more you make money, also the more your adverts are promoted the more you make money, and all of these things are found in the discovery box that is why it forms the basis of your earnings.

How Will You Activate The Disqus Discovery?

Go to discovery dashboard and click on the following accordingly:

 Settings >> Discovery >> Maximum increased traffic and revenue. You’re done with this stage.

How Would You Get Paid?

The most important thing for any business is to get paid after a hard work. So, here is how you will get your earnings through the Disqus comment system. Still on the discovery dashboard, locate where there’s an option for PayPal withdrawal (because Disqus earnings are only cashable through PayPal) and enter your PayPal email address in the box provided. However, report says there are moves to introduce other payment options but for the meantime PayPal is the only way you will get paid via the Disqus comment system. This means, if you don’t have a PayPal account and you are planning on using the Disqus comment system to earn money then you need to have one now.

Hope this article helps!

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