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How to Transfer a Domain from One Host to Another

For various reasons, people sometimes want to transfer their domain from one host to another. Seems like a good idea until they get ready to do that and then it seems overwhelming. I hope to help sort this out for you and make it seem that it can easily be done.

Transferring your domain from one host to another may seem to be easy for some, but a lot of website owners don’t have a clue on how to get this done. That is the reason why some end up facing several issues when doing this.

If you have tried transferring your website or domain to a new web hosting provider and you did not receive help from your web host, then it’s probably because they do not want to lose you. But, there’s no need to worry about as there is a way to do it.

Reasons to Transfer the Domain to New Web Hosting Provider

There are many reasons why you decided to transfer your domain to another web hosting provider and these include:

  • Don’t have the features required to host your site
  • Wish to switch from a Linux server to a Windows server
  • Limited bandwidth and space for your site
  • Very expensive
  • Unreliable service
  • Unresponsive or slow technical support
  • Host didn’t deliver what was promised in their ads

Ways to Transfer a Domain from One Host to Another​

  • Search for a Depending Web Hosting Provider

The important features that you should look for in a good web hosting service is:

  • Daily file backup
  • Server is 99% active of the time
  • Site statistics for tracking the site’s performance
  • Efficient, fast, and knowledgeable technical support
  • Sufficient bandwidth and space to host your site

Domain from One Host to Another

This is relatively easy if you will follow these steps and remember to remain calm. Many make it harder than it is as they become so stressed in the process. Grab a pen and paper to keep record of your steps and follow these guidelines and you will soon make this transfer in no time at all.

Transfer a Domain from One Host to Another

The first step is contact your current host and get your domains EPP Code. This is the security key for your site and you will need it for your new host.  When you get ready to transfer your domain, you will need this EPP code. This step can’t be done without it, as this is your security key.

The next step is to unlock your domain. You have to be sure actually unlocked before the actual transfer can take place. This has to be done from the Control Panel of your current domain. If you attempt to transfer without unlocking first, this will not be able to be completed.

While you are in the control panel, make sureyour domain is not WHOIS protected. If it is, you will have to turn this off as well. This is an added security measure to protect your domain from being transferred without your knowledge and permission. If it is left on, the attempted transfer will fail.

The last step with your current host needed is your Administrative Contact Details must match with your new host. Once again, failure to check this process and correct will only lead to failure in the attempted transfer.

Once you begin the actual transfer, your new host will send a notice of transfer to the contact listed in the WHOIS details. You must approve that transfer by clicking on the link listed in the email.Once the approval has been returned to the new host, they will then request the domain be released to them. This can take some time for the actual transfer to take place. It can take from a few to several days to complete depending on the old host.

Unless your current host releases the actual domain, the transfer can’t take place. If it continues, you will have to contact the current host and request their assistance in regards to this matter. Sometimes it takes a little persuasion in matters such as these.

Sometimes, a person either forgets or never really knew who their host actually is. Some hosts have just vanished or disappeared without a trace. You are suddenly plagued with the question of what are you going to do? When you don’t know where or how to get the answer do not fret. The answer is available with a proper search of some of the domain tools available. One you can use is for you answers. There you will be able to get the answers to what you need for the transfer to take place.

If you still don’t get the idea of transferring the domain to another web hosting provider, it would be best to ask for help. Your new web hosting provider might help you with what you need. All you have to do is to ask before transferring. Asking for some tips or advice from other website owners who transferred their domain from one host to another can also be helpful.

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